All You Need To Know About Swedish Massage

Swedish massage, sometimes also known as just a “simple” or “classic” massage, is a type of massage that requires not much complexity whereas gives the ultimate experience to every part of your tissues in the body.

Coming from northern Europe, this massage style represents a big part of the whole western massage category and is respectfully known as one of the best and most comfortable massaging techniques out there.

Swedish massage basically has five types of massaging techniques involved, which are:-

  1. Kneading
  2. Rubbing
  3. Tapping
  4. Gliding
  5. Vibrating

The combination of these five types collectively makes up one of the most loved massage techniques in the world just because of its sheer simplicity and comfort.

Why should you enjoy a Swedish massage?

The father of Swedish massages, Per Henrik Ling has given this world some of the most amazing Swedish massaging techniques which focus on improving the circulation of blood and soothe the muscles that are in your body. Unlike other massages which focus on deep tissue relief techniques, Swedish massages use very less stress and power and strokes the bony and some of the most delicate parts of the body. It also has the technique of giving stronger and hard strokes on the thick and strong muscles to make a very comforting and variation filled massage that is known for its ideal image.

Best known for the relaxation of tight muscles in the body, this specific massage type has a long list of advantages which are:-

  1. Improves the overall blood circulation in the body
  2. Helps in reducing mental and physical stress
  3. Helps out easing any type of back pain be it temporary or chronic
  4. Eases every muscular strain in the body
  5. Helps to keep the tendons and ligaments supple which increases more range motioning among the bones.

What to expect when you go for a Swedish massage?

While enjoying the Swedish massage, your privacy will be respected at all times. The therapist will ask you whether you are comfortable undressing your whole body or not, and only with your preference the massaging session will start. Before all these formalities the therapist will assess your complexion and hence use the best essential oils and lotions for you. Only after all this a brief 70-90 minutes of the stroking and gliding of pressure will begin on your body. You can also ask our therapist if you want some special attention over some part of your body. Only after knowing your full body, our therapist will start the session to give you one of the best massages you have ever received.

You can also demand to play music alongside the massaging sessions, which is one of the most famous choices of our customers. This not only helps you feel good but also soft music falling onto the ears during the whole time will keep your mind calm.

What are the different kinds of Swedish massages?

The western massage “Swedish massage” doesn’t mean a single massage type. It has four comforting types which can be selected by everyone based on its techniques and advantages. So, let’s check out what the Swedish massage has to offer you:-

  1. Aromatherapy massage
  2. Seated chair massage
  3. Dual massage ( couples )
  4. Hot stone massage therapy

What all extra tips you must follow to make the session more comfortable?

Well, you can always come prepared beforehand to make things easier and more comfortable for you. It is advisable if you spend at least 20 minutes in the sauna before you come for a Swedish massage as the sauna will preheat the body and muscles, and hence you will feel even deeper and relaxing.

A strong sense of thirst and urge to go to the toilet is very common after a massage session as your body’s lymph circulation increases, therefore flushing out the toxins. Hence it is advisable to drink a lot of o water after your massage to make your body comfortable again as you slowly grace down to the planet earth after a heavenly massaging session.

We have professionals who offer Swedish massage at our Spa center in the most comfortable way. Visit us and enjoy the benefits of this heavenly massage.

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