Massage in Pune has been used as a tool to treat people for centuries now. It is essentially a manipulation of muscles and soft tissues in the body. It helps our body in getting rid of artificial pain killers and other drugs to remove muscle pain. Getting a massage from your friend is different than getting a massage from a trained professional. Massages are therapies for the body. If you travel to Maharashtra, you must go to Pune once. Massage in Pune is really of high quality. If you didn’t know already, massage therapies can be used for curing both acute and chronic pain. You can also enter into the rehab process with the help of massages.

What to expect when you go for the first time for Massage Parlour in Pune ?

You might be a little nervous when you go for a massage for the very first time. When you for a massage in Pune, you must ensure that you are providing your therapist with complete knowledge of your medical history. It is important that they know because if you already have a serious condition which can be triggered due to a few key muscle movements or nerve pinches, then they will take care of that. It is also a wise thing that you get an appointment before you go to any massage parlour in Pune.

Is there any science behind massage ? Massage Center in Pune

If you go to a trained professional for a massage in Pune, you will be treated properly. There is a science behind massages which only trained or experienced professionals can understand. For a thousand years now, we know that massage works well in reducing body pain. Now there are thousands of subjective researches which suggest different ‘why’s’ for why massages work. A lot of medical professionals have tried knowing what happens when massages are provided to the body. Why our CNS start working differently when our body’s trigger points are pressed and most importantly why the trigger points of different individuals are different? As for the case of doctors, most of them don’t usually say no for it, but most of them don’t even prescribe it in the first place as well.

Massage in Pune
Massage in Pune

Some results from recent research are written down below: 

  • 75% of the people who went for a massage in the last 12 months said that they only opted for massages because they wanted to treat themselves medically and the other 25% people went for a massage to only enjoy and relax.
  • 61% of the people said that they only went for a massage because it was suggested by their physician in the first place.
  • People who are looking to get a massage are looking for professional medical settings where they can get their massages such as certified massage clinics and spa centres.

Massages are indeed a very powerful tool to help people in recovering from an injury, but is that all massage does for the body? 

One of the latest researches has found that massages do a lot more than we understand for the body. It helps us in healing our body even at the cellular levels. You won’t have to wait a lot, even after one session you will be able to notice the results of massage therapy. People who had a gym training session were divided into two groups. One group was provided with massage and one was not provided with a massage. A blood test of both the group showed that for people who had a massage showed an increase in the gene responsible for the growth of mitochondria whereas people who didn’t have a massage did not show any positive sign. This is proof that massages are really helpful for the body in recovering from any sort of physical stress it has been through.

Why deep tissue massage is effective ? Female to Male Massage in Pune 

If you go for a deep tissue massage in Pune, you will find it to be very different from all the other massages. Your body will be much more relaxed and all of the muscle and joint tension will be gone. Why is that so? When you suffer from a sports injury or any other kind of muscle injury, your body goes through a lot of pain and stress. This is where deep tissue massage comes into the scene. In a deep tissue massage, the massage therapist uses his hands and applies a little slow and sustained pressure into the same part of muscle for a prolonged period. There are also deep strokes involved. This helps the body in breaking up the scar tissue which forms after your body has to go through an injury.

Deep tissue massages also help the body in reducing the inflammation and in increasing the blood flow.

Can massage help you mentally?

When you go for a deep tissue massage in a spa in Pune, you don’t only get a relaxed body. But at the same time, you will also get a relaxed mind. According to different researches, a deep tissue massage can decrease the cortisol levels in our body. Cortisol is the hormone responsible for the stress and anxiety in our body. People with high cortisol levels are for a prolonged period can be diagnosed with anxiety and depression problems. So a deep tissue massage is a great tool for you to unwind all the stress in your body and mind and just relax.


When you decide to get a massage in Pune, you can relax, there is more than one kind of massages. Deep tissue massage is just one of them. But ensure that for any kind of massage that you take, you are only going to a massage therapist who has had professional training in the field. You don’t want an amateur to press the wrong nerve or trigger point in your body. It can result in a lot of pain and swelling in certain cases as well. One of the many benefits that you will gain from massages is good blood flow in your body and a good body posture, which will help you lead a comfortable life.