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Massage in Hyderabad comes to spending your holidays or long weekends, then the first thing that comes to your mind is relaxing. All you want to do is relax a bit more to pour out all your stress and tiredness. You can try various massages from hot stone and Swedish massage to new kinds of massage therapies too for relaxing your nerves.

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Female to Male Massage in Hyderabad – 3 Massage Therapies To Provide You With Utmost Relaxation

You might have heard a lot about the Shiastu therapy but what makes it different from other massaging techniques? This technique is based on traditional Chinese medicine which entails the elements of Japanese bodywork. This technique helps in amplifying the abilities of your body by activating the self-healing energy. This massage technique uses a very specific area to put pressure and touch. Thus the masseurs need a great amount of knowledge and experience to be a professional with the Shiastu. Visit massage center in Hyderabad for more details.

In this massage therapy, your body will be stretched. Vibrating, Brushing and Gasping are some other techniques that are involved in this massage therapy. The masseur stands at the back of the client on their feet to apply high pressure. Many people confuse it with acupuncture but it just a little bit similar to it because masseurs pinch and massage with fingers and palm to balance the natural flow of energy. These female to male spa in Hyderabad techniques are specially designed to efficiently regulate the energy in the whole body.

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massage in hyderabad
massage in hyderabad

Aqua Massage

Also known as Dry Water Massage, it is a therapy that is a compact form of massage with water and heat. This, dry hydrotherapy is done by a machine which has a water bed in it and the client has to just lie down and relax. Not many people are aware of this super relaxing massage therapy at night massage center, but it’s worth giving a shot. Since, it is a machine, so there is no masseuse or masseur but water jets, which give a deep massage to the clients. You can also try another form of this massage in which water jets won’t make you wet and they will give you massage from a covered layer.

There are many spas which provide female to male massage in Hyderabad. It also has several health benefits as it helps in relaxing muscles and bore soreness and also cures chronic fatigue disorders.

Aroma Therapy

As the name suggests, this therapy is based on the aroma which the clients have to inhale. More precisely, this Swedish massage is done by oils and lotions which have extracts of plants in them and these highly concentrated extracts have an intense aroma which soothes and calms down your nerves when inhaled. These essential oils can be ginger, lemon, lavender, cedarwood, orange, and many others. Enjoy best massage in Hyderabad at affordable price.

Besides being a therapy of essential oils, people also consider it as a holistic treatment because there are lots of plants in it. As stated by many professionals, it works on different levels like mind, body, soul, and physical health. Apart from massage oils, this therapy includes the use of many other products with essential oils like bathing bombs, diffusers, clay masks, etc. This massage has various health benefits like it can relieve stress and anxiety, depression and it is also very helpful in relieving nausea.

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Body massage center in Hyderabad

From enhancing blood circulation to improving cardiovascular health, benefits of body massage in Hyderabad continue to add on. Body massages are increasingly welcomed by residents of big cities as a solution for coping with stress and a sedentary lifestyle. Hyderabad, like other major urban cities, is a melting pot of cultures, languages, and heritage. The influx of people from other states for the purpose of employment has made Hyderabad an eventful city whose populace is turning to massage therapy for relaxation, rejuvenation, and healing.

Who can benefit from body massages in Hyderabad ?

The increase in massage parlours in Hyderabad offering varied massage modalities has resulted in amplified demand for massage therapy as solace for health and stress issues. Elaborated below are different types of massages along with issues they help resolve.

  1. Swedish massage: This massage is commonly opted for by individuals who are recovering from an injury or who wish to experience overall muscle relaxation. Swedish massage is gentle and involves kneading, long strokes, and circular massage motions relieving tension in the shoulders and back.
  2. Deep tissue massage: Individuals who are prone to endure recurrent injuries, postural issues, injuries such as tennis elbow, and other issues that result in limited mobility, are known to benefit from deep tissue massage. As the name suggests, this massage works on the deeper layers of muscles and surrounding connectors to provide relief for muscle knots, and tight muscle among others.
  3. Hot stone massages: Individuals suffering from serious medical conditions such as heart problems, diabetes, varicose veins, high blood pressure, and spastic muscles are recommended to the said massage. Heated basalt stones are placed on specific body points to help relieve tensed muscles in addition to aiding in the treatment of the above-mentioned medical conditions.
  4. Aromatherapy massage: This massage is known to benefit individuals with varied conditions such as sleeplessness, digestive issues, migraine, back pain, and PMS, among others. Essential oils are mixed with massage oil in the right proportion and are used in Swedish massage to relieve, relax, and energize the receiver.
  5. Thai massage: Individuals with inflexibility issues, muscle spasticity, migraine, and balance issue opt for Thai massage which is a combination of yoga, massage, and passive stretching. This is an eastern massage and healing method that many are trying to explore.

What other services can I expect from massage centres ?

In addition to providing massage services, massage centres also provide additional services such as providing home protocol to clients to help the effect of the massage last longer. Furthermore, massage parlours are offering female to male massage for individuals who prefer this service. In this massage, the masseuse/ masseur administers massage services applying a wider range of pressure as requested by the client.

Where can I get the best massage services in Hyderabad ?

Our massage centre in Hyderabad provides a wide gamut of massage services at the hands of certified therapists with expertise in different massage modalities that can help you heal, destress, and rejuvenate.

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