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Massage in Thane : Body massage has been used by us for centuries, and today we use it for various health and relaxation purposes such as to fight stress, relieve pain, reduce depression and anxiety, gain back motion of a certain body part, get disrupted sleep and general wellness. Even you can get an amazing body massage in Thane at our parlour and benefit from these wondrous effects of body massage.

Call Avani 09967283718 and book your appointment.

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What to Expect from a Body Massage Parlour in Thane

Pre-Massage Information

The therapist at our body massage center in Thane will ask you questions related to your health and learn about your medical history if any. They also check on your lifestyle, physical pains, medications taken by you if any and try to determine your stress levels.

Therapists also check if you are allergic to any oils or lotion.

Based on the information above the therapist suggests the type of body massage best suited for you.

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Body massage in thane
Body massage in thane

Preparation for the Female to Male Massage in Thane

They give you clean, comfortable and loose clothing which will help in the proper execution of female to male spa in Thane.

The massage table is prepared so you can lie comfortably for your therapy. Depending on the type of massage you choose we may also offer a massage chair for your session. Chairs are used only for small massage sessions which last not more than 30 minutes. These chairs are comfortable and have been specially designed for massage purposes.


The massage table we offer at our Thane massage center comes with a face cradle so you can be comfortable when you lie on your stomach. The table has soft padding which keeps you relaxed throughout the session.

Music can add to your relaxation process. Soothing music can be comforting to our ears. However, if you are not the one who likes music you can indulge in a conversation with your therapist.

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Massage Session

Our massage parlour in Thane for offers a huge range of body and facial massages. Some of them include Shiatsu massage, Swedish massage, Thai massage, Aromatherapy, Deep Tissue massage, Hot Stone massage, etc.

The therapists use special aromatic oils and lotion for the massage session.

The pressure used by the therapist can be manipulated. If you are uncomfortable at any point, you can tell your therapist about it.

The stones level of heat for the Hot Stone massage can also be adjusted according to the customer’s comfort.

Breathe normally throughout your massage session. If there something that you feel uncomfortable about then you should inform your therapist about it.

A normal body massage session can last anywhere between 45 and 90 minutes.

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The frequency of Body Massage

Body massage doesn’t have any drawbacks or negative points. You can get it done whenever you want at our centre of body massage in Thane. However, if you are getting a massage session done for health purposes, you can speak to the therapist about when you can book your next session with us.

You can also request us for special services like a female to male massage in Thane at our spa.

Massage in Thane – The Best Physically Band Aid Here

Do you feel stressed physically and mentally? Hers is the best band-aid. A body massage is proven to relieve any kind of physical and mental stress. Muscular trauma, back pain, neck pain and any other such ailments can be reduced by a flawless massage. Opting for a massage after a long day of heavy work is the best idea. Also, research proves that a full- body massage can relieve all kinds of pain and stress completely.

There are different types of massage which serves for a particular part of the body or healing process. Our massage in Thane has specially trained therapists. The specialist applies gentle pressure strokes on the muscle joints this will help the body extricate pain and tension. Here are some of the massage techniques that we offer in our massage parlour in Thane.

Massage Techniques available in our Massage Center in Thane

Swedish Massage

This is a full body massage which we provide at our spa in Thane. This is exclusively for people who are new to massage, having tension pulled up and for those with sensitive skin. Our massage specialist removes muscle knots using this technique. They will gently massage your body in a circular motion, kneading, vibration and tapping along the heart flow direction. This is the best form of relaxation one can afford with our special spa deals in Thane.

Aromatherapy Massage

People who want to be emotionally healed can opt for this massage. This massage technique will help you boost your mood and reduces anxiety and depression. Our therapist combines gentle pressure along with aromatic oils. During this full-body massage, the aromatic oils diffuse into the skin and you inhale the essential oil. This will make your body feel newborn.

Deep Tissue Massage

This is the best option for people suffering from chronic pain and muscle tension. The specialists in our massage parlour in Thane apply slow strokes and deep finger pressure on are of pain. This will relieve tension from the deeper muscle and connective tissues. It is the best option for those stuffing from chronic muscle pain, soreness and injury. This will help you relieve anxiety and stress.

Sports Massage

This is one of the key techniques offered in our spa in Thane. This can opt when you have an injury due to continual muscle use. It can additionally be used to relieve pain, tension and anxiety. Sports massage is a full body massage where our specialists apply pressure strokes on specific parts of the body to relieve tension. This may be altered with soothing strokes as per your request. It helps you improve flexibility, actively participate in your sports and reduce the risk of injury reoccurring.

Thai Massage

This is a unique style of massage. It is the most active form of massage and will help you improve flexibility, reduce stress and tension and increase energy levels. Our massage parlour expert works on your whole body involving yogic stretches. They will use their palm, finger to apply firm pressure all over your body and will stretch and twist you in various directions.

Being known about all the health benefits of a flawless massage, who will choose not to opt for it. Our massage centre in Thane offers exclusive spa deals. With less money spent, experience the most royal privilege. Don’t miss it.